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Dear Customer,

The management of Maji Como Lake welcomes you and wishes you a happy stay!


The staff of the structure is at your complete disposal to solve any type of problem that may arise and to help or advise you to discover our territory in the best possible way.



This "vadevecum" contains all the information on the policies and rules of the structure, on the services provided and the information that could be useful for visiting Mandello del Lario and Lake Como, the main villages to visit and its attractions.


However, we remain at your disposal to help you in the event that the information you requested is not contained therein.



                                                                                                                            Maji Como Lake







Check-in is from 15.00 to 19.00


Check-out must be done by 10.00 am on the day of departure.


Access to the structure is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to people who are not guests of the structure.

The use of the services is allowed only to guests.


It is forbidden to leave any type of clothing in the common areas.


We also ask you not to leave waste of any kind including organic waste in the outdoor areas, solarium, swimming pool and rear garden. Please use the waste collection bins.


Apartment keys:

You were provided with a set of keys which includes the pedestrian gate key, the driveway gate remote control, the main entrance key to the building, the apartment key.

From the moment they are delivered to you, you have full custody of them.

In case of loss, we authorize ourselves to charge the cost for the replacement of the keys.





Heating system / air conditioners:

The heating system is autonomous but, as required by law, it is generally switched on around October 15th of each year, with special exceptions.

The air conditioning is also autonomous and you have your own remote control to regulate the temperature.

For safety reasons, we kindly ask you not to leave the devices on when you are not in the facility.


Wifi connection:


Each apartment is equipped with a personal router for unlimited use with fast connection, optical fiber.

The access passwords are located on the router in the living area.


Private parking:


The internal parking is free, parking is allowed for a total of 4 cars. One parking space for each apartment.

Should you arrive with more than one car in front of the structure, there are 6 totally free seats without a parking disc.


Swimming pool and solarium:

The pool is an inground skimmer pool for the EXCLUSIVE USE of guests, therefore it is NOT ALLOWED ACCESS to external people.

We ask you to respect the rules you find on the sign displayed in the solarium area near the shower. We also remind you that the blue pool towels that have been supplied to you are to be used only inside the structure.




The entire outdoor area surrounding the structure is shared with all the other guests.

Please do not leave personal items in the areas if you are not using the deck chairs and tables.



City tax:


The city tax is € 1.00 per person per night up to 7 consecutive nights. Children up to and including 8 years do not pay the tax.

The amount must be paid in cash at the time of check-out.




Final cleaning:


€ 50.00 Mandello and Lierna apartments

€ 70.00 Bellagio and Varenna apartment


The amount must be paid at check-out, preferably in cash.











At the reception you can the following services:


- book transfers to and from airports or other destinations


-buy tickets for public navigation

-evaluation of itineraries in Mandello del Lario and Lake Como


- restaurant reservations


- purchase of tickets for museums and other attractions


-Request laundry service


- extra cleaning service required


- purchase of plane or train tickets


- reservations and evaluations of experiences to be done in the area with local experts


Presso la reception troverete il nostro shop, dove potrete acquistare dei coloratissimi kaftani in seta realizzati a mano, pochette, infradito oppure dei meravigliosi gioielli realizzati e dipinti a mani in resina. Sono tutti oggetti rigorosamente realizzati a mano e pezzi unici!

Se invece voleste portare a casa con voi un ricordo di maji como lake potrete acquistare i nostri morbidissimi accappatoi 100% cotone.



Numero unico di emergenza: 112 per situazione di emergenza/urgenza sanitaria. Richiesta di soccorso sanitario e invio mezzi di soccorso.

Carabinieri, Polizia di Stato, Vigili del fuoco e Soccorso Sanitario.


Nuovo numero unico: 116117


Il 116 117 è il numero unico nazionale per richiedere assistenza, prestazioni o consigli sanitari non urgenti. Basterà chiamare il numero 116 117 per contattare il servizio di Continuità Assistenziale (ex Guardia medica) o la Guardia Medica Turistica ovunque ci si trovi nel territorio regionale. Il servizio, attivo dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 20:00 alle 8:00 e nei giorni festivi e prefestivi 24 ore su 24, partirà dal 20 luglio sul territorio lombardo


Quando chiamare il 116117?

  • Assistenza, prestazioni o consigli sanitari non urgenti;

  • Consulto di un medico di Continuità assistenziale (ex guardia medica) o di un Pediatra di Libera scelta;

  • Accesso alla Guardia Medica Turistica (assistenza medica generica a tutte le persone non residenti e presenti sul territorio lombardo)


Carabinieri: 0341 – 731403

Via Manzoni,36 Mandello del Lario


Polizia Locale: 0341 – 733497

Via San Zenone,8 Mandello del Lario


Guarda medica: 0341 - 730251

Via Degli Alpini, 3 Mandello del Lario


Municipio: 0341 – 70811       




Intesa san paolo: 0341 - 738411 (400mt)

Piazzali Leonardo da Vinci, 1


Deutsche Bank: 0341 – 730555

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 21


Banca Popolare di Sondrio: 0341 – 70551

Pizza Sacro Cuore, 80




Imbarcadero Mandello: Piazza Italia,  distanza 200mt





Via XXIV Maggio 11  23826 Mandello LC

Tel: 333 - 9161593

P.IVA 10449300960

@2021 web by DM Grafica photos by  LM Photographer

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